England fan gets soccer player’s face tattooed on his chest after making Twitter promise

England defender Harry Maguire now has his face tattooed on another guy’s chest.

Image: Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

People’s passion for things like the World Cup comes in many different levels.

On one end of the scale you have the people who don’t usually watch soccer much — the ones who tune in for big tournaments like the World Cup, or who simply get swept up in the excitement only to immediately forget about it all once it’s over with.

At the other end of the scale, meanwhile, is Matt Benton:

Yep: prior to England’s quarter final match against Sweden on Saturday, Benton made a daring promise: if defender Harry Maguire scored, he’d get the man’s face tattooed on his very own chest.

Flash forward to Saturday’s match, and the inevitable happened.

Benton, meanwhile, made it clear he was planning to keep his word.

And, sure enough, he did.

That picture has now been shared over a thousand times — so many retweets that the man himself even got wind of it.

Soon, all sorts of offers were coming in.

And, ultimately, the memes.

Solid work all round.

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